The Unexpected

If you get stuck or stranded, don't panic. Stay with your vehicle for safety and warmth. Wait for help to arrive. If you are in an area with cell phone service and have a cell phone, call for help. Remember, dialing *OPP will connect you to the nearest Ontario Provincial Police communications centre. Be careful if you have to get out of your vehicle when on the shoulder of a busy road. If possible, use the door away from traffic. If you attempt to free your vehicle from the snow, be careful out in the weather. Dress warmly, shovel slowly and do not overexert yourself. Do not attempt to shovel or push your vehicle if you have a medical condition. Body heat is retained when clothing is kept dry. Wet clothing, due to the weather or perspiration, can lead to a dangerous loss of body heat.

Draw attention to your vehicle. Use emergency flashers, flares or a Call Police sign. Run your motor sparingly. Be careful of exhaust fumes. For fresh air, slightly open a window away from the wind. You may have to exit your vehicle occasionally to make sure the exhaust pipe is clear of drifting snow before running the engine.
Remember to use the items in your winter survival kit for warmth and nourishment. If you have passengers, make sure they're comfortable. In blizzard conditions, especially overnight, make sure one person stays awake as help could take some time to arrive. Maintain circulation by moving your feet, hands and arms.

Winter Driving Survival Kit
It's a good thing to keep a winter survival kit in your vehicle. Having essential supplies can provide some comfort and safety for you and your passengers should you become stranded. Recommended items:
•    Ice scraper/snowbrush
•    Small tool kit
•    Shovel
•    Extra clothing and footwear
•    Sand or other traction aid
•    Blanket
•    Tow rope or chain
•    Non-perishable energy foods - e.g. chocolate or granola bars, juice, tea, soup, bottled water
•    Booster cables
•    Road flares or warning lights
•    Gas line antifreeze
•    Flashlight and batteries
•    Candle and a small tin can
•    First aid kit
•    Fire extinguisher
•    Matches

DID YOU KNOW ... Alcohol is not a good survival item and should never be part of your survival kit. And remember: never drink and drive!




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