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The following provides questions, answers, and traffic signs information. To pass your knowledge and/or written test with the Ministry of Transportation.
Please, bring to your attention that its content is not a copy of the actual test. You must be able to read and understand the meaning of its content:


A/ Your are driving to fast to stop in the distance you can see.

A/ Whenever you intend to alter the direction or movement of your car. 

A/ Indicates a person's privilege to drive a motor vehicle.

A/ Has a condition that may affect their ability to drive. Driver's name, address and medical condition is reported to the Ministry of Transportation.

A/ Insured, registered and meet the basic safety standard.

A/ Loosing the license for up to 10 years and may be sentence to prison for up to 10 years for caused injury or 14 years for caused death.

A/ Ensure the safety of children and follow his/her instructions

A/ The conviction is 6 months in jail, a $1000 fine and 6 demerit points.

A/ Take your foot off the gas pedal to slow down and steer the vehicle to a safely place or direction.

A/ Pump the brake pedal to restore hydraulic brake pressure and apply the parking brake gently but firmly while holding the release button.

A/ For a slower vehicle to cut off a faster moving vehicle.

A/ When driving on a multi-lane roadway with 2 or more lanes. On one-way roads with two or more lanes.

A/ You should be more cautious and give them an extra margin of space for maneuvering.

A/ Snow removal vehicles and can be seen from 150 meters

A/ No, you are not permitted to have people inside. It is against the law

A/ Make sure that you will not endanger any other person or vehicle and that it will not interfere with traffic

A/ Signal and prepare to move into the deceleration lane. Do not slow down until you have completely merged into deceleration lane. Once you are in the deceleration lane, slow down gradually to the speed shown on the speed advisory sings. Look as far ahead as possible and be cautious. Be prepared to stop at the end of the exiting ramp.

A/ By keeping the vehicle tuned up, driving only when it is necessary and shutting down the engine when parked

A/ You have to notify the Ministry of transportation within 6 days

A/ You know you can do so, it is safe to do so, and you have used all the proper signals.

A/ You must get out of the way. On a two-way road, stop as close as possible to the right-hand side of the road and clear of any intersection. On a one way road with more than two lanes, stop as close as possible to the nearest edge of the road and clear any intersection. Wait until the emergency vehicle has passed.

A/ In any lane going in the same direction within 150 m

A/ You may be sentence up to 10 years in prison

A/ You are required to have an Insurance liability card, vehicle ownership and a valid driver's license.

A/ Maintain your vehicle speed, and move slightly to the right to give the passing driver a better view.

A/ Put your emergency flashers on and pull over to the nearest shoulder. Never stop on traveled portions of freeway.

A/ You should stop 2 meters, behind the rear door and proceed only when the street car closes its doors or when it is safe to do so.

A/ Accelerate quickly to freeway speed and merge with freeway traffic.

A/ Come to complete stop. Stop at the stop line if it is marked on the pavement. If there is no stop line, stop at the crosswalk, marked or not. If there is no crosswalk, stop at the edge of the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, stop at the edge of the intersection. Wait until the way is clear before entering the intersection.

A/ Slow down or stop if necessary until the way is clear

A/ Driving too fast for roads conditions, too fast around corners, braking too hard or suddenly stopping

A/ Use headlights on low beam, adjust vehicle's speed to the road conditions, do not pass other vehicles and be patient

A/ No. You should park your vehicle a least 3 meters from the fire hydrant.

You have checked safe clearance ahead, to the side, behind and have place proper signals

A/ The driver's license will be suspended for 30 days

A/ The driver may be required to attend an interview or to complete a driver re-examination test

A/ Your license will be suspended for 60 days

A/ It remains for 2 years from the day of the offence

The demerit point system encourages drivers to improve their behavior and protects people from drivers who abuse the privilege of driving. It identifies persistent traffic violators.

You should follow his/her directions even if they don't agree with the traffic lights or signals

A large red and white signs in the form of X

You fail a driver's re-examination test or if you do not pay the renewal fee.

When there are injuries or damage to vehicles or other property exceeding $1,000.00

The vehicle on the right has the right-of-way.

You should stop, if you can do it safely, otherwise proceed with caution.

The same as the tire with the highest pressure on the vehicle.

You could be charged with dangerous or careless driving.

Yield the right-of-way to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

The fine is up to $500 and driver looses 2 demerit points.

Because visibility is poor and limited at nighttime.

Signal; check your blind spot to make sure is clear and safe to get back onto the road. Look for vehicles, cyclist, pedestrians and others before getting into traffic.

Turn your front wheel towards the curb and put your parking brake on.

Within 60 meters when following a vehicle or 150 meters when meeting oncoming vehicle.

From 30 minutes before sunset to 30 minutes after sunrise and whenever visibility is poor.

The Fine is from $400 to $2000 and looses 6 demerit points in the first offence. 

A/ A driver must stop at least 20 meters behind the bus and wait until the signal lights stop flashing.



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